Teriyaki Burger

 An all beef patty marinated in Asian spices, served with grilled onions, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and finished off with a seared teriyaki glazed pineapple.

The Islander

Our famous teriyaki burger with a local twist, grilled spam


Kalua Pig
Smokey slow roasted pulled pork in a corn tortilla with lettuce, cheese and fresh pineapple pico.  Make it spicier with our mango habanero salsa.


Pieces of our Hawaiian barbecue chicken in a corn tortilla with lettuce, cheese, and fresh pineapple pico. Make it spicier with our mango habanero salsa.

Hawaiian Plate Lunches
*All plate lunches are served with white and 2 choices of sides.  Sides are usually fruit and Hawaiian chips.  Other sides include mac side and ginger slaw. *

Lightly seasoned steak grilled to perfection
BBQ Chicken
Juicy grilled chicken marinated Hawaii's famous Huli Huli sauce
A plate full of our tender Kalua Pig 


Jumbo ,deveined, shell on shrimp marinated in a garlic sauce and grilled to perfection

Shoyu Chicken
Chicken cooked in a sweet shoyu (soy sauce) broth with onions and hints of ginger, served over a bed of white rice

Fried Spam on patty of white steamed rice and teriyaki sauce wrapped in Seaweed
Chicken Long Rice
This iconic dish is Hawaii's version of chicken noodle soup, chunks of chicken simmered in a delicate broth with long rice 
 Fried Rice
Just like Uncle makes it. White rice, Asian Sauces, carrots, green and white onion, brocoli slaw quickly fried and served with an egg any way you like it.

Loco Moco

Seasoned Hamburger patty covered with brown onion gravy served on a bed of rice then topped with a fried egg


Green, Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers, Choice of Meat, and Onions Stir Fried on Gridddle and served with white Rice ad Teriyaki Sauce

The Hawaiian

Islanders' take on the classic Cuban.  Kalua pig, carved ham, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and pickles on a Hawaiian Roll

Hawaiian Cheesesteak

‚Äč Thin pieces of  steak, strips of gilled spam, grilled peppers (all colors), onions, a blend of shredded cheese served on toasted roll. Add some fresh Pineapple Jalapeno Relish for an extra kick.

*MENU ITEMS CHANGE REGULARLY. Not all items are available at all times. Please inquire before booking. Text (682) 317-3437 for daily menu.